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IT Projects House-USA implements CRM for companies across the USA

Organize your Sales Teams and your Sales Pipelines

Odoo CRM  helps both salespeople and managers to reduce labor and become more efficient, by giving them access to easily segment able,  and well-visualized information.

Odoo CRM is the  perfect way to keep on track of your sales opportunities. It allows for central planning and for assigning activities for each stage of the pipeline. 

Manage Leads Better

You can manually enter leads onto Odoo CRM through single entries or by mass importing them. You can also automate lead entry by integrating your website contact forms and/or your VoIP phones with the system, substantially reducing labor.

(Odoo  comes with an IP-address lead generation feature, which allows you to set up rules for generating contacts based on website visitors. These leads are also automatically added to the CRM module.)

Odoo CRM gives you two big benefits for leads. For one, you have an easy way to see all your leads in one location. Secondly, you can simply click on a lead for the full info, and add notes or change contact information in the same manner.

Easily Change from Lead to Opportunity to Quote

After a lead is entered into the system, you can assign it to a particular salesperson. As the lead goes through the sales process, the salesperson can move the lead from one stage to another (e.g. from New Lead -> Qualification -> Proposal -> Won Opportunity) simply by dragging and dropping it to the next stage.

Once opportunities are qualified, easily send them quotations from within Odoo CRM. Simply click on the lead, select “New Quotation,” edit the information and send by e-mail or print.


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